Vertex Steel String MKII Clean Drive


The sound of the Dumble Steel String Singer on your pedalboard! Now extra compact.

The Vertex Steel String MKII Clean Drive is an amazing amp-in-a-box that recreates the sound of the legendary Dumble Steel String Singer. This amp has become synonymous with the sounds of John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson. New in the MKII version are the smaller size and the Jazz/Rock switch that can also be found on the original. This allows you to adjust the bass and mid frequencies.
  • SSS tone from a single-wide stomp
  • Inspiring touch sensitivity, warmth, and sparkle
  • Based on model #001 of an original run of legendary 6L6 Dumble SSS
  • 33% smarter and lighter than the original!
  • New Jazz/Rock toggle thickens up cleans and tightens up drive tones
  • Versatile Gain and Level controls make this a capable clean boost or full-on overdrive
  • Filter control dials in doses of that D-style mids shaping
  • Rugged brushed metal housing
  • Authentic D-style Level knob
  • Optional 9 to 18-volt operation (adapter not included), 18V provides extra headroom
  • true-bypass switching
  • Designed & Assembled in California