Victory Amps

Victory VC35 The Copper Head


The latest EL84 model from the impressive Victory line, with Vox roots!

Victory Amps is one of our favorite amp brands. The way they take old amplifiers as a basis and put them in a compact, modern and reliable jacket is very cool and above all quite unique, especially in this price range. The brand comes with a great new amplifier: the VC35 "The Copper". The British company pays their own tribute to compatriot Vox with this beautiful amp, which is equipped with the classic 4 x EL84 configuration. The Copper guarantees enough chime, beautiful highs and a wonderfully biting midrange. Yet the Victory VC35 is not "just" a Vox clone. As Victory's Martin Kidd himself describes, the VC35 also borrows some inspiration from the Marshall 1974/2061. In addition, The Copper uses a combination of fixed and cathode bias in full power mode. In addition, the amplifier is equipped with a NOS (new old stock) EF184 pentode tube in a so-called cathode following configuration to drive the tone stack in the preamp. These tubes have the specific characteristic that they are not microphonic, and above all they are well built and very reliable. The result? A BIG sound!

As befits Victory, they packed all the goodness of these legendary AC amps into a nice lunchbox format. Ideal to take on the road! In addition, Victory has expanded the amplifier with a full three-band EQ & mid-boost and bass-cut switches to fine-tune the ideal mid character. The cool thing about The Copper is the enormous versatility that the amplifier offers. Both high-gain enthusiasts and clean purists can indulge themselves, because this amplifier does not have a single sweet spot: every setting sounds good and is very usable. This is simply the ideal EL-84 amplifier for both the stage animals and the living room guitarist!

Format: Single channel all valve head
Power: High Power 35 Watts; Low Power 12 Watts,
Valves: 2x12AX7, 1xEF184, 4xEL84
Size (mm): 342(w) x 185(h) x 185(d) including handle, feet & controls
Weight: 8.2kg / 18.1lbs
Additional features: Bass Cut switch, Mid Boost switch, Footswitchable digital reverb, Footswitchable series effects loop, Low Power mode, Skeletonised metal case with rubber handle, Dual-button footswitch for reverb on/off and FX loop on/off included, External bias test and adjustment points for power valves, Padded carry bag included.