Binnenkort Binnen: De Nieuwe Boss SDE-3000D en SDE-3000EVH!

Coming Soon: The New Boss SDE-3000D and SDE-3000EVH!

May 18, 2023Sven Broos

Attention 80s aficionados: the legendary sound of SDE-300 rack delay comes to your pedalboard!

Music from the 80s has never been this hot and the Japanese Boss have just left their mark on it! The SDE-300 Rack Delay could be found in almost every studio in the eighties; you can hear him on countless hits from Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Michael Jackson - just to name a few!

Now Boss comes with the SDE-3000D and the SD-3000EVH , 2 effects pedals that flawlessly capture the character of the old SDE rack units. This, among other things, with the help of an authentic 8-bit chip: exactly like in the old units! Extra cool is the EVH variant, which contains extra connectivity options and sounds that were frequently used by Eddie van Halen. Whether you use them on your pedalboard or as outboard gear, for guitar or other sources: these 2 new delays bring the eighties back to the present.

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