Gibson Guitars, vanaf nu terug bij Dijkmans Muziek!

Gibson Guitars, back at Dijkmans Music from now on!

May 25, 2019Dijkmans Muziek

Gibson Netherlands

Gibson: the legendary brand returns

We are very proud to announce that Gibson is returning to Dijkmans Music. Both Gibson and we have made great strides in recent years, advancing new developments, and we feel the timing couldn't have been better to enter into a renewed partnership. After a financially difficult period, Gibson has taken a new direction by, among other things, appointing a new CEO, namely James Curleigh (ex-Levi's). Gibson is well on its way to recovery under his reign, and after seeing the new models we have every confidence that this will succeed. The new models look fantastic, meet the wishes of the Gibson fan, and are completely authentic again. Crazy!

Gibson Netherlands Dijkmans Music Les Paul SG Firebird Custom Shop

Gibson USA models

First of all, we will of course get a nice stock of Gibson USA models again. What kind of models can we expect in this series? First of all, of course, quite a few beautiful Gibson Les Paul models. These are divided into a number of categories, each with its own unique specifications and price range. First of all, Gibson offers their well-known Les Paul Studio model. This guitar aims to offer the renowned Gibson quality and feel in a stripped-down version. On the other hand, the Les Paul Classic is a guitar that seems to be the perfect marriage between a vintage feel and familiar specifications, mixed with modern modifications such as open-coil humbuckers, split coil and phase switching, just like Jimmy Page did! Where the Classic is a mix of old and new, the Les Paul Tribute aims for a vintage character. For example, the 490 pickups are equipped with the somewhat milder Alnico II magnets to imitate a little more of a PAF character, and the vibe, feel and sound of this instrument are completely authentic. What sets the Tribute apart from the Standard is the weight-relieved body for added playing comfort. However, for the Gibson fan who absolutely does not want to compromise on vintage correct specs and feel, there is only one model: the Les Paul Standard. This guitar returns to the classic design, the design that became so incredibly legendary. This model is available in both 50s and 60s versions, and the difference is in the finishes, pickups and details such as tuners.

In addition to the many Les Pauls, Gibson is of course also presenting a number of other legendary models this year. For example, the Gibson SG returns in a number of different models, both with a stoptail bridge and with a tremolo system (Vibrola and Sideways). The P90-loaded SG Special and SG Junior also return to the range. And what about unique guitars such as the Gibson Firebird and the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC. Great!

Gibson Custom '58 Les Paul Standard Royal Teaburst

The crazy Gibson Custom Shop

The Gibson Custom Shop models will also be available in the store. This is the best of the best Gibson has to offer, and if you're looking for a guitar that's as close as possible to an original model from the '50s or '60s, this is the place to look . The builders at the Gibson Custom Shop are masters at recreating the authentic looks and feel of these original models. For example, you can choose to go for a VOS finished Gibson, which has the feel and appearance of a guitar that has been around for several decades. The most beautiful Maple Tops in this segment are selected for the Les Pauls, and only the very best hardware and pickups. With its Custom Buckers, Gibson has the answer to the question of the authentic PAF sound. You just have to feel it to believe it. And you can, because at Dijkmans Muziek we now have a nice stock of Gibson Custom Shop models again!

Epiphone Netherlands

Epiphone is also available again

In addition to the Gibson, the subsidiary brand - Epiphone - is again well represented. Epiphone offers the Gibson DNA at very competitive prices. For example, it is also possible for the smaller wallet to get hold of a Les Paul, SG or ES-335. And we were amazed at the quality of the 2019 Epiphone models, because they are good! For example, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top Pro is one of the best and most luxurious guitars in this price segment that we have ever encountered. And the 2019 Epiphone Casino is also more than a full-fledged guitar, which not only sounds and plays fantastic, but also looks completely correct compared to the original. Beautiful! And with the Epiphone Les Paul SL you already have a dual pickup Les Paul model for 119 euros. In addition to the electric Epiphone models, we also have a number of beautiful and affordable acoustic models in stock. For example, the Epiphone AJ-220S is an absolute must. With its authentic Slope Shoulder shape, it is a feast of recognition, and the sound and playability are unique in this price range.

Gibson Firebird Tobacco Burst

The beginning of the Gibson legend

Gibson's success story begins in 1898, when founder Orville Gibson applied for a patent for a mandolin that could be produced in large numbers. This marked the beginning of the ambitious and gigantic company that Gibson is to this day. Despite Orville's death in 1918, the company never stood still. In fact, in 1936 their very first "Electric Spanish" model was introduced. We now know that instrument as the ES-150. Although this was the foundation for the company, Gibson really started to build its stature after the company appointed the now legendary Ted McCarty as its new big boss in 1950. And then all of a sudden it went fast...

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