GR Bass amps in stock now

GR Bass amps in stock now

Feb 22, 2019Dijkmans Muziek

GR Bass Dijkman Music Collection

Insane bass guitar amplifiers for an attractive price

We have great news for the bassists among us! Dijkmans Music has included a new bass guitar amplifier brand in its range: GR Bass . This originally Italian company makes incredibly beautiful and versatile amplifiers for the demanding bass player. In addition, this company also produces accompanying speaker cabinets, which excel in sound, portability and sturdiness. The GR Bass models are all " ready for the road ". The quality is simply superb. In terms of sound, these amplifiers can compete with the more expensive brands, the choice of materials can be called very solid and a major additional advantage is that the price point of this brand is quite attractive. You already have a 350-watt top for less than €400 with the GRBass mini ONE. Totally crazy of course!

GR Bass Dijkman

Lightweight amp tops that fit in your backpack

GR Bass has a simple mission: make it as easy as possible for the consumer - in this case the bass player. This translates into very compact, lightweight tops that fit in your bag with ease (the mini ONE even fits in many a front pocket!). This principle also applies to the speaker cabinets and combos. The heaviest 500 watt combo weighs less than 14 kilograms, and that is of course unique. This way you will not only keep your wallet happy, but your back will also be very grateful!

GR Bass ONE 350 Dijkman

Compact cabinets for your head

In addition to the fantastic amplifiers from GR Bass, they also offer some very interesting speaker cabinets. Take, for example, the GR 208 Cab. This compact 2x8 cabinet, equipped with a 1" tweeter, fits easily under any desk, and in almost all car trunks. Of course, none of this would matter if the sound was not good, but trust us: the speaker cabinets from GR Bass sound full, and are very functional in a band mix. For the bass player who wants to squeeze a little more bass out of his or her low E string, we have the GR 212 Slim Cab, with a 2x12 speaker configuration. A very versatile speaker cabinet that can be used with almost any amplifier can get off.

GR Bass 212 Slim Cab

Dijkmans Music Assortment

We currently have the following models in our collection:

Then visit Dijkmans Music quickly, to try out these cool amplifiers yourself. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

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