Music Man x Dijkmans!

Music Man x Dijkmans!

Mar 05, 2024Sven Broos

We can finally share it: Music Man remains available at Dijkmans Music!

We are proud to finally announce that Dijkmans Music is now an official Music Man Dealer! The innovative, reliable - and above all simply great - instruments from the friendly American brand will have a prominent place in our store. Various models are coming our way, with an emphasis on the 3 classics: the Stingray Bas, the Luke and the John Petrucci models.


The Music Man Stingray has been one of the leading basses in the world since its launch in 1976. It was the very first bass with an active EQ and the signature Humbucker is still known for its distinctive growl to this day. An indestructible bass with a pointed sound that finds its place in any mix. The Stingray is available in a four- or five-string version.


The collaboration between Music Man and Steve Lukather goes back more than three decades. The result - the Music Man Luke - is an incredibly balanced and thoughtful instrument. Everything tells you that the guitar was designed for one of the most versatile and popular session guitarists of all time.

John Petrucci

Progressive Rock Royalty John Petrucci has two signature instruments with Ernie Ball to his name: the Majesty and the JP15. The Majesty is one of the world's most innovative and ergonomic guitars. With its intelligent body shape and button placement, DiMarzio pickups and an extra Piezo element, it is an impressive and complete instrument. The JP15 is not much inferior; Equipped with the same pickup configuration and a slimmer neck, it is a very fast and equally versatile guitar.

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