Nieuw binnen! Headrush Pedalboard

Just arrived! Headrush Pedalboard

Oct 29, 2017Dijkmans Muziek

We received the new Headrush Pedalboard this week! This pedalboard is next in line from the Kemper, Line6 and Fractal Audio in the High End class of modeling processors. But Headrush is anything but a newcomer, as it is made by the same company that made the Eleven Software in Protools and the famous Eleven Rack.

The Headrush runs on a Quad-Core processor with self-developed software for the best quality Effects and Amp sounds. You can also load your own sounds into the Headrush using the Impulse Response technique. All built in a very sturdy housing with an assignable expression pedal.

Where the Headrush excels compared to the competition is the clear and easy operation. This is also partly due to the Full-Color Touchscreen that it contains. You can just drag and choose effects from simple menus.

So come by quickly to put the Headrush through its paces and be surprised by the good sound!

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