Xotic California Dealer Alert!

Xotic California Dealer Alert!

Feb 08, 2020Dijkmans Muziek

Xotic California at Dijkmans Music!

We are proud and happy to announce that we will be Xotic California dealer from 2020! The effects of Xotic need little introduction, because pedals such as the RC Booster, SL Drive and EP Booster have been immensely popular since their introduction. The entire range of Xotic will be available at Dijkmans Muziek from 2020. The Xotic guitars, and in particular the exclusive Xotique line, are perhaps less well known. But believe us, the quality really oozes from these guitars. After the Winter NAMM 2020, Jan-Willem was completely convinced, and we will receive a number of beautiful NAMM Exclusive Xotic guitars in 2020, which can be pre-ordered from now on. We can not wait!

Xotic XSC Gold Leaf

Legendary pedals from California, who doesn't know the EP Booster?!

Just a little piece of history. Xotic once started as a one-man business, and the company specialized in producing high-quality bass guitars and bass pre-amps. From this experience eventually emerged the Tri-Logic Bass Pre-amp, a product that launched the rise of Xotic. From a side project of sorts, the first Xotic pedal was born: the Robotalk 1. The side project eventually became a full-time venture, and after launching the so-called “Big Three” – the AC Booster, RC Booster and BB Preamp – Xotix established definitely his name. And the rest, as they call it, is history. In the years that followed, Xotic became one of the leaders in the boutique effect pedal world, and they strive to build the very best pedals. For example, every Xotic effect pedal is made from the very best premium parts, and great emphasis is placed on the functionality, tone and durability of the pedals, so that Xotic products can survive the toughest touring conditions. And that is a nice feeling if you often take your pedals with you.

Xotic Pedals SP Compressor

Insane custom options on Xotic guitars

The guitars from the Xotic catalog go just a step further than the average guitars, and there is therefore a wide choice of unique colors, exotic woods, pickups, hardware, finishing, etc. This way you can be sure that when you order a custom Xotic , you actually get the guitar of your dreams. Isn't that crazy? The basis for every guitar is an XSC (Strat style) or XTC (Tele style) body shape. And the rest is all up to you! Time is taken for every part of the guitar, and every step in the process receives the full attention of the luthiers. This way you know that your Xotic guitar is of the highest quality from the nut to the neck, and from the bridge saddles to the top. In addition to the Xotic guitars that you can put together to your heart's content using countless options, there is also the Xotique line since this year. In short: nothing is too crazy at Xotique and all brakes are released. The building process of Xotique guitars takes about 6 months. As soon as the deposit has been received, the team will start building, so you will have your dream guitar within six months! The Xotique team consists of a group of experienced builders, led by Master Builder Andy Hicks. Andy Hicks is known for his work at the Gretsch Custom Shop, which is one of the most renowned Custom Shops in the world.

Xotic XSC Ash

The best of the best

Xotic therefore guarantees the very best quality, and is generally known as a very pleasant company with a listening ear for the customer. It is therefore not surprising that Xotic's pedals can be found on all the pedalboards of the greats of the earth. And with the Xotic guitars we have another beautiful new exclusive brand. We can not wait!

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