Eich BC112 Pro


Eich BC112 Pro

The BC112pro combo is driven by Power, Punch and Drive. With its 500 watts, you'll hear every detail of your playing in a totally new and distinctive way - completely as it should be but with a lot of punch, just the way you want it. The well-balanced four-band tone control is suitable for all music styles with a perfect sound. The "Taste" knob allows you to emphasize the tonal characteristics of your instrument - anything from a wiry mid-boost to a bold and tasty slap or ultra-fat reggae or Motown sound.
Jacks for FX loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In and a balanced DI transformer that is pre/post switchable with ground lift allow you to connect the BC112 to a PA. The BC112 is ideal for "Traveling around the World", partly due to the selector switch that can be used to switch between 230 and 115 volts 50 – 60 Hz.

The BC112pro combo is equipped with our newly designed EICH TE12D-8 12" bass speaker that operates in carefully calibrated enclosures to deliver impressive bass. For optimal absorption and elimination of unwanted resonances, the enclosure is fitted with struts and convoluted foam.
The combo features the new 4" CT1 tweeter with a ceramic magnet system. In a coupled volume, the tweeter convinced on the one hand with its deep switching frequency, on the other hand, with its very flat frequency response and offers much more than 10 kHz amazing sound pressure for silky smooth highs.
All combos have an extra Speakon® combo connector for connecting an extra cabinet.
The Rehearsal Section, an MP3 player can be connected to the "Aux In" and headphones can be connected to the "Phone", makes practicing easier and all you need is a socket nearby, the speaker can be just turn it off.
The T - series Combo 112 can be tilted into a monitor position by an extra stainless steel "leg".


Extremely lightweight
Classic grill cloth
High quality ceramic speaker TE12D-8
switching power supply
Class D Power amp 500 watts
Popular plywood housing
Taste Filter
4-band EQ
pre/post “DI out”
Ground Elevator Switch
4" CT1 cone driver
External Speakon® Combo speaker out
Internal Speaker “Off” switch
Headphone Out
Non slip rubber feet
Strap Handle
Monitoring position steel rod device
115/230 V/AC switch
Dimensions: (W x H x D): 44 cm x 45 cm x 35 cm / 17" x 18" x 14"
Weight: 14.1 kg / 31.06 lbs
Option: Cover / Custom Color, 5 M-Ohms Input for Upright Bass
Made in Germany