Fender '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb

SKU: 2-818-0006-000
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The definitive reissue of Fender's most legendary amplifier. Handwired, and full tone.

Model Name: 64 Custom Deluxe Reverb
Model Number: 8180006000
Amplifier Type: Tube
Inputs: 2 - (1/4", Input 2 operates at -6dB)
Channels: 2
Wattage: 20 Watts
Effects: Reverb, Vibrato
Controls: Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity
Speaker: 12" Jensen C-12Q
Rectifier: 1 x 5AR4
Pre Amp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
Power Tubes: 2 x 6V6
Footswitch: 2-Button Footswitch Included