Laney DB500H

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British Quality at a bargain price: what a complete and compact bass amp from Laney!

With their new Digbeth series, the British Laney is breathing new life into their bass amp line-up. This is also the case with this DB500H amplifier head, which has much more to offer than you would expect from such a compact size. For starters, you can choose between two types of preams: tube and FET, or even a mix in between. You can always find your place in the mix with the intuitive tilt-EQ control; turn it to the left for more emphasis on the low and low mids, turn it to the right for more emphasis on the high and high mids. At the back you will find numerous connection options. There is a balanced DI output and an FX loop, and the speaker output is suitable for both Speakon and Jack cables. This compact 500 Watt brings you an array of authentic, vintage-inspired bass tones without sacrificing modern functionality!

Power: 500 Watts RMS
Controls: 3 Band EQ, FET Volume, Tube Drive, Tube Volume, Tilt
Switches: Tube/FET, Run/Mute
Impedance: 4 ohms
Connectors: DI Out, Phones, Aux In, Send/Return, Tuner Out, Remote, Loudspeaker (Speakon/Jack)
Dimensions: 205mm x 420mm x 220mm (HWD)
Weight: 7.1kg