Laney Digbeth DBV410−4 Cabinet

SKU: 2-26519

The 4x10 cabinet from the Laney Digbeth series!

The DB410 is a powerful, dynamic and compact 4x10 bass cabinet that perfectly matches the Laney DB200H and DB500H amplifiers from the Digbeth range. The HH Black label Ceramic Drivers have a vintage voicing and sound full and warm in the mid-low. This in combination with the LaVoce DF10 Compression Driver makes this a very complete speaker cabinet that not only reproduces the low, but also the detail in the high. Ideal when you use the overdrive in the Digbeth-Amps!

Power: 600 Watts
Speakers: 4 X 10" HH Black Label Ceramic Drivers, 1" LaVoce DF10 Compression Driver
Controls: Compression Driver On/Off, Compression Driver Full/Half
Impedance: 4 ohms
Connectors: Combi Socket (Speakon compatible twist and 6.3MM jack)
Side mounted grab handles
Item dimensions: 930mm x 500mm x 390mm (HWD)
Item weight: 32.7kg