Markbass MB58R 121 ENERGY

SKU: 1-MB114608

Incredibly Light 1x12 Cabinet from Markbass!

With the new MB58R Cabinet series, Markbass once again proves how forward-looking and innovative they are. These speaker cabinets are made of a revolutionary material that is completely climate neutral and - performing bass players beware - weighs almost nothing! This MB58R 121 Energy is a 400 Watt 1x12" cabinet with a lightweight Markbass Neodymium speaker plus 1" tweeter. And lightweight here only refers to the number of kilos, because what a lot of power comes out of this!

Power handling: 400w
Speaker: 1x12''
Impedance: 8 ohms
Tweeter: 1" driver w/horn
Series: Mb58r