Orange TremLord 30

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Lord Of The Trems! This Orange Combo guarantees amazing clean sounds.

Because of all the rock violence that Orange is associated with, you would almost forget that they can also build amazing clean amps. Look at the TremLord, for example: this amplifier has a cartload of headroom with its 30 watts, as well as an authentic spring reverb. And do you want to play without turning the whole neighborhood orange from hearing damage? No problem, because thanks to the "bedroom" switch you halve the wattage of the amplifier. And now I hear you thinking "where is the "Trem" in Tremlord"? Well, the icing on the (carrot) cake is a beautiful Tremolo circuit with 2 independently adjustable speeds, which you can choose between by means of an optional footswitch. In short; this combo is the answer to all your clean sound dreams!

Amplifier Type: All-Tube
Inputs: 2 - (1/4", Input 2 is at -6dB)
channels: 1
Wattage:  30 Watts/15 Watts, 2 Watts/1 Watts
speaker: 1 X 12” Lavoce speaker
Controls:  Volume, Bass, Treble, Speed(Tremelo), Speed ​​(Tremelo, only engaged with Footswitch), Depth(Tremolo), Reverb
Pre Amp Tubes: 2x ECC81 (12AT7), 3x ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Tubes: 4 x EL84
Foot Switch: No