Boss EQ-200

SKU: 4-EQ-200

The perfect pedal to tweak your tone. EQ, the secret weapon of many guitarists!

When you think of EQ, you might think of studios rather than guitars, but it's also an extremely valuable addition to your pedalboard. EQ is an essential aspect of how your guitar sits in the mix. The EQ-200 is the latest EQ pedal from Boss, with a handy display on which you can see the EQ curve at all times. The 10 Sliders allow you to sculpt your sound in detail so that you get exactly right into the mix. And do you want to go from a scooped-mids setting to a nice, nosey, full lead sound in an instant? With the preset function this is a piece of cake.

Effect Type: Programmable EQ
Controls: 10-Band EQ, Level, Channel, Memory/Manual, Memory Recall
Connections: Input L, Input R, Output L, Output R, CTL1/2/EXP, Midi In, Midi Out, USB, 9v DC In