Caveman Audio

Caveman Audio BP1 Bass Guitar Preamp


A world-class studio-grade bass preamp, with incredible sound quality and switchable FX Loop

As with all Caveman products, the BP1 Preamp's mission is as simple as it is complex: to create a preamp for bass players that sounds ridiculously good and takes away all the hassle. Think of issues that arise especially on stage, such as interference, noise, impedance problems and humming power supplies. To achieve this, only the highest quality and indestructible components are used in the design, from the transformers to the connections and from the footswitch to the housing.

As mentioned, the BP1 also sounds insanely good. It adds a whole new dimension and detail to your sound, especially in the low-mid register. This ensures that your bass comes into its own in every mix, without compromising on dynamics. Just take a look at the testimonials from artists such as Mark King and Ida Nielsen and they were all blown away by the positive effect the BP1 has on their bass sound. And that with only two controls: Gain and Level. All you need to do is adjust these two controls to your liking and you're ready to play.

Furthermore, the layout of the BP1 is quite inventive. First of all, you have 2 different inputs: one for cables and one for wireless units. In addition to the amp output, you have access to an Effects Loop, which can be switched on or off with the right footswitch. This Effects Loop is switched in such a way that external effects do not have a negative impact on your tone. Finally, there is the Tuner Output and there is an optional ground lift to prevent any ground loop problems. As with all Caveman Audio products, the BP1 comes with a 10-year warranty.

Hi-Z Cable Input
Transformer-balanced gold-plated Neutrik XLR Radio/Wireless Input
Transformer-balanced gold-plated Neutrik XLR DI
Adjustable Gain and Level
Switchable audio loop
Transformer Balanced Tuner Output
9VDC output for powering your tuner
Unique RFI protection and Silent Switching
All Caveman Audio products come with a 10 Year Warranty
All Caveman Audio products come in road-ready, zinc-plated steel enclosures