EICH 112XS-8BE with free cover


Eich 112XS 8 Ohm Cabinet

One might think there is no speaker inside - that's how light the 112XS is.
With the lightweight construction of 15 mm Pappelleim wood, we have managed to deliver high quality with our own developed latest generation of ceramic speakers. By making a voice coil with windings on the inside and outside of the voice coil, they can handle as much as 40% higher continuous power.
The elegant 4" "CT1" tweeter forms the higher frequency range for a very detailed sound and impresses with its nuanced highs. Your sound can be adjusted with the off, half, full switch.
The 112XS is available in 4 or 8 ohms and the Ampfixing that all T-series amplifiers have ensures that this small cab is equipped with all high-end features.
The 112XS can be tilted to a monitor position of 45° by an additional "leg". All housings are equipped with acoustic foam to prevent unwanted resonances.
Because of the rich and powerful sound, this easy-to-carry cab and the flexible tones it produces are also popular with double bass players.
112XS - The high definition dwarf.


4" CT1 cone driver
Tweeter setting switch
Extremely lightweight construction
Classic grill cloth
Neutrik Speakon® Combo connectors
Non-slip rubber feet
Amp fixing
45° Monitoring position steel pin