Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal

SKU: 4-EV-30 EXP

Compact expression pedal from Boss!

For professional expression control in a compact body, there's no better choice than the BOSS EV-30. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for cramped pedalboards, while the die-cast aluminum housing provides a rock-solid foundation and BOSS's renowned rugged durability.

A key feature of the EV-30 is its innovative internal mechanism that provides ultra-smooth feel and precise parameter control. Its operation can easily compete with that of full-size pedals. And with two expression outputs, it's possible to control two different devices with one pedal. The outputs are electronically isolated, so noise and hum don't stand a chance.

The EV-30 brings powerful real-time parameter control to the many BOSS compact pedals equipped with expression pedal inputs. It is also ideal for use with BOSS multi-effects processors and effect switching systems. The convenient polarity switch ensures compatibility with a wide range of musical equipment, allowing you to use the EV-30 with most devices that support expression control.

  • Space-saving expression pedal with a robust die-cast aluminum housing
  • Silky feel and smooth pivot point for precise parameter control
  • Isolated dual expression outputs for controlling two devices with one pedal
  • Independent adjustment of the pedal range of each output
  • Works with ¼-inch TRS expression inputs on effects pedals, multi-effects, keyboards, MIDI controllers and more
  • Polarity switch provides compatibility with most devices that support expression control
  • Features the same rugged, space-saving design as the FV-30H/L volume pedals and PW-3 wah
  • Includes ¼-inch TRS (stereo) cable