Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal


The innovative Plus Pedal: The ultimate sustain pedal for guitar!

The Gamechanger Audio Plus pedal captures the concept of a piano sustain pedal in a guitar effect. This innovative pedal allows you to sustain chords and notes, just like a piano!

The Plus Pedal's footswitch works exactly like a piano: when you hold it down, the chords and notes you play "stay" longer for a smooth, atmospheric effect. With the four controls on the pedal you have extra control over the effect: you can set exactly how long the effect continues to sound after you release the footswitch. You also have control over the blend between the Plus Pedal and your dry signal.

The Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal contains a number of useful extra connection options: to start with, you have access to an effects loop. Everything that you let go through the sustain effect can therefore be looped through additional pedals. For example, try a wah for creative filter effects or a phaser or chorus for extra psychedelic soundscapes. At the back of the pedal you will find a Clean Out/FSW connection. This can be used in 2 ways: you can use it as an extra output for your dry signal only and as a connection for the optional Wet-Footswitch . This one turns off your dry signal for when you're extra into ambient soundscapes!

Effect Type: Sustainer
Controls: Blend, Sustain, Rise, Tail, Group/Single, Split/Mix
Connections: In, Out, Clean Out/Footswitch, Send, Return, 9v DC In (250mA)