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LofiMind Effects Big Footz

SKU: 4-Big Footz

The well-known Big Muff recipe but from LofiMind Effects; step on the Big Footz!

the Muff shot made by LofiMind Effects,

Big Footz units are built point-to-point on perforated Bakelite and NOS components, using the BC239 transistor as a starting point.

the scheme runs between the Ram's Head, (V2-V3) built point-to-point (like the V1) and graphically inspired by the V6 of the late 70s.

It has the classic Volume, Tone and Sustain controls, getting much closer in sound to a bender than to a big muff.

Part of the V2s from the 70s do not add volume to your signal. With the Big Footz at 12-13 o'clock we get to equalize the signal, leaving plenty of knob travel to add volume to our guitar signal.

the sound is super-crystalline and articulate, it doesn't squash notes like the more standard Muff's, so the tone knob is usable all the way around and has a very good sound.