Lofimind Effects

LofiMind Effects Reverberador Preamp & Reverb


Insane old-school preamp, reverb and fuzz with the Reverberador from LofiMind Effects!

The LofiMind Effects Reverberador is one of the most unique pedals we have ever seen. This analog reverb contains a real spring and an analog Germanium preamp full of mojo. The Reverberador is anything but a neat, hi-fi reverb; it's a dirty, unpredictable, Neil Young-esque reverb that immediately puts you in a creative mode. The built-in preamp has a remarkable amount of headroom and is capable of giving your amplifier a big boost. The controls are simple: the reverb has a mix, tone and volume control and the boost can be switched independently with its own volume control. At the back you will find a kill dry switch so that you can use the pedal as an insert in the studio, for example.

Note: the Reverberador runs on 12 Volts!

Effect Type: reverb, angry
Controls: reverb mix/tone/loud, angry level, kill dry
Connections: In, Out, 12V DC In