Mad Professor

Mad Professor Big Tweedy Drive


Dirty, punchy Tweed Tones with this Drive from Mad Professor!

The Mad Professor Big Tweedy Drive is voiced to sound like the very rare Tweed Twin amp. The approach was to capture that gigantic, screeching midrange growl in a compact overdrive. And the Mad Professor team more than succeeded!

The dynamics of the Big Tweedy Drive are immediately noticeable. You can easily influence the sound and amount of overdrive with your touch and the pedal responds exceptionally well to the use of your volume pot. Just like an amp! Also, make sure to use the Tone and Presence knobs on the pedal; this allows you to vary between a fierce rock sound with open trebles and a dark, ominous lead sound with tons of complex low-midrange.

Effect Type: Tweed-Style Overdrive
Controls: Volume, Drive, Tone, Presence
Connections: In, Out, 9V DC In