ThorpyFX ER-2

SKU: 4-ER-2

A Univibe Designed From Scratch with the undeniable quality of Thorpy!

The ER-2 is the latest member of the very impressive family of ThorpyFX pedals. This pedal is Univibe through and through; the approach was to make a Univibe with maximum flexibility, without losing its classic character. The ER-2 sounds very authentic and brings you straight to the Univibe sounds of your favorite albums!

The controls are simple, but very powerful. The intensity knob determines how subtle - or not subtle at all - the effect sounds. The Speed ​​control has a huge range, from almost inaudibly slow to ridiculously fast and chaotic. The Volume control determines the mix between the Univibe and your dry signal. Finally, there's the Offset control that gives you an extra layer of control over the character of the univibe. The Left Footswitch allows you to turn off your guitar's dry signal completely for an extra Vibrato-like sound.

Effect Type: Univibe
Controls: Intensity, Offset, Speed, Volume, Vibrato/Chorus Toggle
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In (150mA)