Vemuram Shanks II Silicon Fuzz


Beautiful Fuzz made by Vemuram in collaboration with John Shanks!

The Vemuram Shanks II is designed with Fuzz Face, Tonebender and Buzzaround circuits in mind. Thanks to two silicon transistors and a FET with 3 orange drop capacitors, this Fuzz is extremely dynamic and versatile. Thanks to the tone control, the Shanks II can handle both biting single coils and warm, full humbuckers. And be sure to explore the extremes of the volume knob on your guitar, because this Fuzz has a beautiful cleanup.

John Shanks himself says:

"It's a boost, it's a fuzz with a big tonal landscape, roll your volume down or up to get either clarity and chime or ful on Zeppelin, Clapton, Hendrix all with headroom. Versatile for all situations. It's the child of the original 3 knob and the 4 knob."
Transistors: 2 Silicon Transistors and 1 FET (Field Effect Transistor)
Controls: Level, Fuzz, Tone/Bias Trimmer
Switches: ON/OFF
Terminal: Input, Output
Power: 006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter (Center Negative)
Size: 70(W)x113(D)x50(H)mm
Weight: 395g
Current Draw: 2m/A