Way Huge

Way Huge Smalls Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope Filter


The Attack Vector; the crazy marriage of a Phase Shifter and an Envelope Filter!

If you're a fan of subtle, friendly guitar sounds, the Way Huge Attack Vector probably isn't for you. This bizarre pedal combines a phaser and an envelope filter with each other, resulting in a lot of super cool, contrary sounds. Your riffs and single-note parts become aggressive, attention-demanding and just downright nasty.

You have control over the speed and feedback of the phaser as well as the range and sensitivity of the Envelope Filter. You can use them separately - they both sound great - but it becomes really fun when you turn them on at the same time. And for the craziest results you can of course always add an overdrive, distortion or a fuzz afterwards. The Attack Vector is also fantastic on bass guitar!

Effect Type: Phaser & Envelope Filter
Controls: Phaser Speed/Feedback, Envelope Filter Range/Sensitivity, Effect Toggle
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In