Victory Amps

Victory Amps V112 Neo


2020 will be the year of the lightweight speaker cabinets, and Victory Amps is also up to date with this V112 Neo!

The V112 Neo is the latest lightweight speaker cabinet from Victory Amps. We see these types of light cabinets more and more, because the demand for amplifiers and cabinets that are easy to lift is increasing. And with its 13.5 kg, the V112 Neo is a lot easier to transport than many other cabinets. Top! The designation Neo is an abbreviation for neodymium, the type of magnet used in the Celestion Neo 250 Copperback speaker. Most of the weight saving of the V112 speaker cabinet is in this lightweight magnet. In terms of tonal characteristics, you can expect a transparent, powerful and clear speaker without cone break-up, as the more traditional Celestion speakers can have. This speaker cabinet therefore lends itself well to big, clean sounds. A perfect partner for the Victory V40 Deluxe!

Power handling : 250 watts
Impedance : 4 ohms
Speakers : 1 x Celestion Neo 250 Copperback
Size (mm) : 480(w) x 480(h) x 292(d)
Weight : 29.7lbs/13.5kg