Furch proves that fantastic hand-built acoustic guitars cannot only come from America. These guitars from the Czech Republic are slowly conquering the world and appearing in the hands of more and more famous guitarists. All this has been achieved through 40 years of experience and technical ingenuity applied to the construction of these beautiful instruments. Where Furch was once referred to as the "European Taylor", we are convinced that you are doing the brand short with this. All guitars are equipped with the unique CNR-Truss Rod System, which makes the neck extremely stable and easy to adjust to taste. Are you looking for an instrument with a fantastic sound and with which you can move forward in the coming years? Come and meet Furch. In our store in Breda we have a wide selection of Furch guitars. In addition, we have direct contact with the builders from Brno, so we can ensure that every model can be delivered quickly.


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