IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia ToneX One Amp Modeler


A complete rig in pocket size, meet the ToneX One!

TONEX ONE puts IK's revolutionary AI Machine Modeling technology on any size pedalboard, enabling you to perform with the world's most sought-after tones in more ways than ever before. It truly makes unlimited tone accessible to all.

Ultra-compact and powerful, TONEX ONE stores up to 20 hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs and stomps from a nearly infinite supply, so you can add it anywhere in your rig. You can even load models of your own gear captured with the included TONEX software. Effortlessly fit multiple units on your board for truly limitless tone possibilities.

Effect Type: Amp Modeller
Controls: Bass, Mid, Treble, Gate, Comp, Reverb, Volume
Connections: Input, Output, USB