Japanese precision and unmistakable playing comfort: that's Ibanez!

Founded in 1957, Japanese Ibanez occupies a large wall in our store. And that's not for nothing, because Ibanez has an impressive track record in basically every price range. Whether it's the entry- level GRX series, the versatile AZ models or the one-of-a-kind J. Custom guitars, we all have a soft spot for Ibanez! So we understand why big names such as Steve Vai, Lari Basilio, Josh Smith and George Benson have linked their names to the brand.

Where Ibanez guitars used to be typecast as metal machines, they have effortlessly shaken off this image in recent years with the introduction of the AZ series. With these guitars you can literally go in any direction, whether it's pop, funk, rock or metal! There is also plenty of beauty to be found at Ibanez in the field of Hollowbody guitars: check out the AS series or that great John Scofield Signature guitar for example!

And you would almost forget, but Ibanez is also the brand behind the most popular overdrive pedal ever: the Ibanez Tube Screamer !


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