Warm Audio

Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II


Warm Audio pays homage to the legendary 1970s Mutron; meet the Mutation Phaser II!

The Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II is an accurate reproduction of one of the most sought-after, 100% analog phaser circuits made famous in the experimental era of the 1970s. Mutation Phasor II has all the vintage vibes of the original phaser pedal, letting you add depth, wobble, swirl, or "instant funk" to guitar, keys, bass, or anything you can dream of. This electro-optical phase-shifting pedal is built with a true-to-life recreation of the 1970s circuit using high-quality components. True to the original pedal, Mutation Phasor II delivers all the rich depth and instant psychedelic tones favored by innovative musicians and producers such as Billy Corgan, Tom Bukovac, Robin Trower and many more.

Effect: Electro-Optical Phase-Shifting Pedal With Feedback Circuit
Phasing Rate:: .1Hz - 18Hz
PartsL Premium Components, Including RC4558P Op-Amps, Various Vintage-Style Diodes, And Hand-Selected Film Capacitors & Carbon Resistors
Controls: Rate, Depth, And Feedback
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Min Feedback: 4V RMS, 11.2V Peak-To-Peak | Max Feedback: 2V RMS, 5.6V Peak-To-Peak
Current Draw: 150 MA
Buffer: Buffered Bypass
Power: 9-Volt Battery Or External 9V Regulated DC Adapter (Center-Negative)