Origin Effects

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive


A bull's eye from the geniuses at Origin: A revolutionary version of the famous green Overdrive!

How do you improve a legendary track? That must have been the key question during the development of this new Overdrive from Origin. The answer came in the form of Origin's proprietary Adaptive Circuit Technology. That may sound a bit technical, but it basically means that the Halcyon Green listens very well to the nuance in your playing. If you approach the guitar differently, for example by varying the dynamics, you will immediately hear this reflected in the character of the overdrive. This makes the Halcyon Green much more than your average TS clone!

Effect type: Overdrive
Controls: Level, Mix, Drive, Tone, Adapt, Mod/808
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In
Current Draw: 80mA