Origin Effects

Origin Effects Magma '57 Amp Vibrato & Drive


Origin does it again! A completely analog Magnatone ® -style vibrato and tube-like overdrive in an indestructible pedal. Magic!

You may know them: old Magnatone ® amplifiers. They are known for their beautiful analog pitch shifting vibrato, a now legendary effect. Unfortunately, this effect was always reserved for the real Magnatone ® Amps, but Origin Effects changes that with this pedal. The Magma '57 contains a fully analog pitch shifting vibrato circuit, plus a wonderfully grating output stage-like overdrive. Switch them separately, or together at the same time for a downright magical effect. We were already convinced at the first agreement!

MAGNATONE® is a registered trademark of Magnatone, LLC. Origin Effects has no affiliation with Magnatone, LLC.