Benson Germanium Boost


A linear boost that doesn't mess with your EQ and keeps all the beauty of your guitar and amp intact.

When developing their successful Germanium Fuzz, the Benson team experimented extensively to achieve the ultimate sound. They could not accommodate a number of interesting discoveries in the Fuzz; they went back into the cupboard until they came to the conclusion that they were the perfect ingredients for a Germanium clean boost!

The result: a germanium transistor pedal without all the oddities that often came with it, such as temperature sensitivity and drift.

It takes 10 seconds to wake up the ingenious circuit and then things get really interesting! Even at the same volume, your guitar (or bass!!) simply sounds better. Hear more attack as notes become smoother. Everything good is strengthened and everything bad disappears like snow for the Benson. Plug it in and drive your amp crazy.

Used with a 9vdc sale center negative power supply. There is also room for a battery that is activated when you plug a cable into the input and there is no power at the DC jack. Make sure you don't use more than 9vdc for the pedal.


Effect Type: Boost
Controls: Volume
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In