Benson Preamp Pedal (Boost/Overdrive)


The preamp of the Benson Chimera 30 in pedal format! From clean boost to overdrive/fuzz... Insane!

The Benson Preamp is based on the - you guessed it - preamp of the Benson Chimera amplifier. This extremely versatile circuit contains a wealth of different flavors of distortion, from a subtle grain to a complex, saturated distortion and even a touch of fuzz. What makes the Benson Preamp extra special are the treble and bass controls, which are extra powerful. When you turn them both back, you are left with a beautiful midrange. In addition, the pedal has more than enough headroom to really blow up any amplifier!

Effect Type: Overdrive/Boost
Controls: Treble, Bass, Volume, Drive
Connections: In, Out, 9V DC In