Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium Overdrive


2 legendary circuits in pedal, with effects loop!

Within the world of guitar gear, there are a number of amplifiers and overdrives with an almost mythical status. Perhaps the 2 best known are the amplifiers of Alexander Dumble and the Klon Centaur Overdrive. With the Unobtanium from Crazy Tube Circuits you have both sounds at your disposal!

To the left of the overdrive you'll find the Dumble-inspired sounds of the Unobtanium. First of all, you can choose between 2 different circuits: the SSS circuit offers a full range, organic low-gain overdrive with an addictive compression. The ODS circuit includes tons of gain and midrange focus: perfect for singing leads full of sustain. Handy fact: you can switch between these 2 circuits with an external footswitch! The sound can be further molded with the Volume, Gain, Tone and Emphasis controls.

The right side of the Unobtanium is filled with Klon-like sounds. Here too you have plenty of options; first of all you can choose between buffered and true bypass and there is an optional extra gain structure for more output and overdrive. The treble control is also active, which means that you can add highs as well as turn them away. So very flexible! And it doesn't stop there, because the Unobtanium also has a handy Effects loop on board to place effects (or an entire pedalboard if necessary) between the 2 circuits.

Effect Type: Overdrive
Controls: Left Side Volume/Gain/Tone/Emphasis/ODS-SSS Toggle, Right Side Volume/Gain/Treble, Buffer Toggle, Stock/Mod Toggle
Connections: In, Out, Effects Loop, Expression, 9v DC In.