J. Rockett Audio Designs

J.Rockett Audio Designs Archer Select


Klon style overdrive with 7 different clipping diodes!

J Rockett Archer Select is a uniquely functioning Boost/Overdrive and based on the infamous Klon. It has 7 different clipping diode options.

If you simply leave the clipping diode foot switch off it defaults to the stock diodes (OA10's). With the clipping dial you can choose between 6 additional clipping diodes. Depending on which diodes you have the selector knob on you can A/B between the stock diodes and the selected diodes. Diodes range from lowest output to highest output when turning clockwise.

DI Speaker Simulator is something we included for those who like to be able to monitor their OD sound via direct or have the option for direct recordings. The ground switch is solely there for the DI in case you have grounding issues.

IMPORTANT!! – These are “clipping” diodes so in order to hear the difference the pedal has to be clipping or overdriving. You will not hear a difference if you do not have the gain up. If you crank the gain that is where you will hear the biggest difference. Keep in mind that most K style users set the gain low so the clipping diodes will have a subtle influence. There is a certainly a difference but be prepared for it to be very subtle.

Effect: Boost/Overdrive
Design: Analog
Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out, DI & Speaker Sim
Knobs: Output, Treble, Gain, Clipping
Switches: Clipping, On/Off
Bypass Mode: NA
Power Supply: 9V DC, center negative
Power Consumption: after
Works on battery: No
Format: Normal
Made in: USA