Paul Reed Smith

PRS Horsemeat Transparent Overdrive

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The unmistakable quality of PRS in an extremely flexible overdrive!

Paul Reed Smith's very first overdrive pedal is an instant hit. Actually, that shouldn't come as a surprise either; Paul is a huge enthusiast and collector of effect pedals. And when you consider how many hours the man has put into designing top-notch guitars and amps, the quality of his pedals is unsurprising.

And yet we are quite impressed, because this Full-Range overdrive has a lot to offer. The Gain and Volume controls alone are extremely dynamic and guarantee a whole range of sounds, from a subtle boost to saturated, vocal overdrive. From there you can color to your heart's content with the voice, treble and bass controls. The voice control is a nice addition; this not only changes the frequencies of the overdrive, the pedal also starts to feel different under your fingers. Thanks to the active bass and treble knobs you can not only cut high and low, but also add. Ideal for situations where you play through a backline!

The PRS Horsemeat is flexible and intuitive and, above all, just sounds incredibly good, no matter how you use it. And as can be expected from PRS, the build quality is absolutely top level. Each pedal is made in the PRS factory in Maryland. A more than valuable addition to any pedalboard, and more than worthy of the PRS name!

Pedal Type: Overdrive
Analog/Digital: Analog
Inputs: 1
Outputs: 1
Bypass Switching: True Bypass
Amperage: 16mA
Power Sources: 9V DC Power Supply, regulated and/or isolated (not included)
Batteries: (1) 9V DC (not included)
Length: 4.7"
Width: 3.7"
Height: 1.37"
Weight: 1.1lbs