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SKU: 10- Bartolini 57J1 L/S
$108.00 $217.00U bespaart $109.00

59CBJD S1+L1 S1
8.2 ohms, 9 cm
Rich, deep, hum-free voice with high-end clarity and warmth for your Standard V style J-Bass.

57J1-L/S S1
3.7 ohms L1 5.5 ohms 10.1 cm
5-String Original Dual Coil J-Bass – 57J
5-String American Standard/Deluxe J-Bass Shapes

85T66 B&T
5.7 ohms 5.3 cm 2.7 cm
5 string P Bass

8W5 73 B&T
5.5 ohms 5.3 cm 2.7 cm
5 string P Bass

Active tone control with low impedance blend ("pan pot")
Buffered Input Bass and Treble controls

TBIBT which is a dual buffer and 2-Band EQ. You can now use an AGDB/918-2 Adjustable Gain Dual Buffer and a NTBT/918 2-Band EQ or a NTMB+F 3-Band EQ in less space.

Mid-Boost Module