Cream T

Cream T BFG Whisker Bucker Aged Nickel w/ Red Pole Pieces (Set)


The showpiece of the Super Scanner series. The Pearly Gates humbuckers from Billy Gibbons

When you say Pearly Gates, guitarists immediately know what you're talking about: Billy Gibbons' legendary Gibson '59 Les Paul! This guitar is known worldwide for its amazing tone, which is partly due to the great humbuckers. And it just so happens that Mr. Gibbons and Thomas Nilsen crossed paths at exactly the right time, so that the latter could use his Super Scanner technology to create an EXACT replica of these two legendary humbuckers. So expect unparalleled PAF sounds that we've heard on all the guitar work Billy Gibbons has ever delivered.

By using their patented analog spectrum recorder, Cream T was able to create a 100% accurate mirror image of these pickups so that the sound of those pickups is now also available to the ordinary musician. Go from a pure and simplistic warm sound to an incredibly raw tone with punch and definition: that's the Whisker Buckers!

  • Humbucker Pickups
  • Boxed in a luxury display case
  • Comes bundled with signature Dunlop Billy F Gibbons tour picks, mo-jo bottleneck slide & strings
  • 100% exact electronic reproductions of the pickups in Billy F Gibbons 1959 Les Paul
  • Neck Output approx: 8.3k*
  • Bridge Output approx: 8.2k*

*measured with HD calibrated high end multi-meter in controlled conditions.