LR Baggs

LR Baggs Hi-Fi Pickup System

SKU: 10-LR115541

The latest state-of-the-art pickup system from LR Baggs!

Acoustic guitarists take note: This new pickup system from LR Baggs could be just what you need. The LR Baggs Hifi is not a Piezo system; the sound is reproduced by two sensors that you attach to the underside of the bridge without complicated assembly. In this way, the vibrations of your top are reproduced very faithfully. All the nuances of your favorite guitar remain intact! The LR Baggs HiFi features a studio-quality preamp with volume and tone controls that you can mount in the soundhole of your guitar.

All-discrete, high-fidelity endpin preamp
Pre-wired bridge plate transducers
Soundhole mounted volume and tone controls
Simplified peel and stick installation
Includes installation jig for optimal placement
Battery type: Single 9V
Battery life: 700+ hrs