Strymon Ojai


Blue power for your pedals with high-quality components and isolated outputs!

The Strymon Ojai is the ultimate power supply on any pedalboard. For starters, the Ojai features 5 fully isolated 9 volt outputs that can deliver up to 500mA of power. Enough for even the most demanding pedals such as the Strymon Timeline and Big Sky! Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Ojai fits on any pedalboard and - like all Strymon power supplies - it is equipped with a Thru connection, with which you can connect up to 10 Ojai or Zuma units together! Do you have a big board with 10 pedals, but sometimes you have to play small gigs with only 5 pedals? With 2 Ojais you are super flexible; move one to your small board and you're done.

Effect Type: Power Supply
Connections: 5x isolated 9v DC out (500mA each), Mains In, Power Thru