Strymon Ojai R30


The flat brother of the Ojai, with the same high quality isolated outputs!

The Strymon Ojai R30 is basically the same as the regular Ojai . That is to say: 5 fully isolated 9 volt Outputs that can all deliver up to 500mA of power. However, the R30 version is slightly longer and flatter, which means it's easier to mount under your pedalboard. In addition, the Ojai R30 has 2 outputs that can be switched between 9, 12 or 18 Volt. Ideal for picky (often vintage) pedals. Like all Strymon Power Supplies, the Ojai R30 features a Thru port that allows you to link up to 10 Strymon power supplies together!

Effect Type: Power Supply
Connections: 3x 9v DC outs, 2x Adjustable 9v DC outs (9v/12v/18v), Mains In, Power Thru