Voodoo Lab

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 Expander Kit


Add 4 Isolated Outputs to your Voodoo Lab Power Supply!

  • Adds 4 isolated 9V DC outputs to compatible Pedal Power
  • Powers directly from Pedal Power 3 X-LINK or any 12V out of 400mA or more
  • Each output delivers up to 500mA
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design for easy mounting to any pedalboard
  • Advanced filtering and linear regulation ensure noise-free audiophile-quality performance
  • Delivers clean, consistent power even with poor AC line conditions
  • Works with battery operated and high current DSP effects
  • Compatible with Pedal Power 3, ISO-5, Digital, 4X4, and MONDO
  • Includes power cables and 3M Dual Lock for mounting
  • Made in the USA