Strymon Cloudburst Reverb


Possibly the most grandiose Strymon Reverb ever, in a new, compact housing!

"Prepare to be inspired" is one of Strymon's own slogans about this brand new reverb. And rightly so, because with the Cloudburst they add a completely new dimension to the effect. The Cloudburst introduces the "Ensemble" mode. In this mode, the Cloudburst splits your playing into 48 frequency ranges to generate additional overtones. The result: a beautiful tapestry of almost synth-pad-like reverbs. We guarantee you've never heard anything like it!

This Ensemble feature is worth the price of the pedal on its own, but there's a lot more to discover in the Cloudburst. For example, the Decay knob allows you to vary from small, compact room reverbs to endless, spacey reverb. With the Mod button you can add a nice modulation to the reverb to taste, and on the back you will find connectivity for Midi and USB. You can also switch the pedal from mono to stereo, as well as between true bypass and buffered bypass. Strymon:they did it again!

Effect Type: Reverb
Controls: Decay, Mix, Pre-Delay, Tone, Mod, Ensemble Off/mp/forte
Connections: In, Out, Mono/Stereo, EXP/Midi, USB, 9V DC in