Taylor Guitars has long been one of the most progressive guitar brands in the world!

Bob Taylor guitars sound fresh and modern thanks to the brand's continuous innovation. For example, the “Patented Taylor Guitar Neck” was introduced in 1999, with which they produced one of the most stable necks to date. Taylor necks stay straight and perfectly intonated. And they are also super comfortable! In addition, Taylor recently broke with years of guitar building tradition by introducing the revolutionary V-Class Bracing. With this they know how to achieve even more volume and sustain in their guitars. All this makes a Taylor guitar a very balanced instrument, and at Dijkmans Music you will succeed in your dream Taylor anyway! In addition, our own repairer Bob van Dinther is the only one in the Netherlands with a Taylor Silver Level Plus certificate, and we are proud of that.

If you want to know more about Taylor, the different models and our relationship with the brand, check out our Taylor page.


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