Koch Twintone II 50 Combo USED!!

SKU: 8-301120

The Koch Twintone is an incredibly versatile amplifier with a big sound and spring reverb.

Koch Twintone 2 Guitar Combo ZGAN The Koch Twintone II is every gigging guitarist's dream. Its compact size and relatively light weight, more than enough power, simple design make it loved by many guitarists. Two EL84 power amplifier tubes provide 50 watts of power, more than enough to drive the Koch extension speakers. A beautifully defined Clean channel lays the foundation for a new Low Gain Overdrive channel and the High Gain Overdrive+. The new Gain knob is a powerful feature that combines Drive (OD) and Gain Boost in one knob. This guarantees a well dimensioned boss in every position of the knob when switching from OD to OD+. The Bright Clean guitar input trims the mids slightly for humbucker pickups and ensures that the pure sound of the Twintone II comes into its own when using all types of guitar pickups. The built-in Power Soak allows the amplifier to run at full 50 watts, 25 watts or 0 watts for headphone and/or recording applications. The Solo/Rhythm function gives you as a guitarist the opportunity to switch between two adjustable master volume levels. The Accutronics spring reverberation can be adjusted in terms of volume at the front of the amplifier.