Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Fable Granular Soundscape Generator

SKU: 4-Walrus Fable

Create grand, grainy soundscapes with the Walrus Audio Fable!

The contemporary geniuses at Walrus Audio have come up with something fantastic again that will make the lover of Ambient Soundscapes lick his or her fingers. The Fable combines a Granulator with a Delay. You've probably heard of Delay, but what is a Granulator? The principle is actually quite simple: a Granulator chops your sound into microscopic pieces ("grains"), resulting in glitchy, stuttering effects. In the Walrus Fable, this effect is combined with different delay types for maximum ambient beauty. You can choose from five different "programs", each with their own delay type and variation on the Granulator effect. For example, Program 1 combines a reverse delay with a reverse granulator effect, in which every "grain" of your sound is played backwards. With the extensive controls on the pedal you also have control over tone, feedback and extra pitch modulation. Especially that feedback button is very exciting in combination with the granulator effect! The Walrus Audio Fable is an inspiration machine pur sang. We are curious what you will make with it!

Effect Type: Granular Delay
Controls: Feedback, Regeneration, Mod, Mix, X(function depends on program), Time, Tone, Program I/II/III/IV/V
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In (300mA)