Xotic SP Compressor

SKU: 4-X102ASPC01

The SP Compressor from Xotic is a versatile, pocket-sized compressor!

How do they manage at Xotic to put so many options in such a small housing? The SP Compressor is a great sounding compressor that offers a wide range of compression options/sounds. From subtly vintage to exaggerated, modern and flat compressed sounds, the Xotic SP is your best friend. Xotic took the legendary Ross Compressor as a base and gave it their own twist. The Blend knob lets you tweak your original, untouched sound for ultimate transparency. You can determine the degree of sustain or compression with the volume knob and mini toggle switch. And with the internal dip switches you have extra control over the attack and the amount of treble that the signal passes. Crazy!

Effect type: compressor

Controls: volume, blend, sustain/compressor toggle switch, internal dip switches for further sculpting

Connectors: 1/4" Input & Output Jack, 9v Input

true-bypass switching