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History of the Mayones family business

Mayones was founded in 1982 by two friends. Not long after it was founded, the company was taken over by Halina & Zenon Dziewulski, and the company grew into the family business as we know it today. The then modest workshop was set up in the family garage, and the two sons - Dawid and Tomasz - grew up among guitars and toolboxes. It is precisely that family feeling that has remained the driving force behind the Mayones company in all subsequent years. As Mayones describes it himself: Every (bass) guitar that is built has its origin in the love for music and instruments. There is an interaction between the builders and the musicians who play the guitars, because Mayones works hard to inspire the artists by making beautiful guitars, and Mayones is also inspired by those same artists. A beautiful cycle, right?

Mayone's Regius 7

What makes Mayones unique?

Mayones is characterized by their striking eye for detail and excellent customer service. You notice with every instrument that not only is there 35 years of experience behind it, but that the company also applies an amazing combination of modern technology and tradition. In addition to the "standard" versions, Mayones is also known for custom orders. They offer thousands of wood, hardware, color and pickup combinations. You can't think of it that crazy, or it's possible with this company. So it is possible to put together your unique dream guitar. We at Dijkmans Muziek can help you make a choice and advise you on the options. Contact us for the possibilities!

Dijkmans and Mayones

We are very proud of our relationship with Mayones. We regularly visit the workshop, and we have one of the most extensive collections in the Benelux. In addition, we always have access to the most exclusive and interesting models that Mayones has to offer. We regularly receive cool guitars and basses, always have a large backorder, so there is always something interesting for you to view. In addition, our close relationship with the company makes it very easy to mediate and help you put together your customized Mayones instrument.

Mayone's Viking 5


Our ever-changing collection includes the Duvell, Regius, Hydra and Setius series. We stock these guitars in both 6 and 7 string versions, and in a variety of beautiful finishes and tops and with variations in finish, electronics and pickups. In terms of bass guitars, we mainly have copies from the Jabba series in stock.

Mayone's Artists

Mayones is a very popular brand, and for good reason. The instruments are of a fantastic quality, and that is of course also noticeable with the professional musician. Well-known names who play on Mayones include Federico Malaman, Hadrien Feraud, Maurizio Rolli, John Browne (Monuments), Acle Kahney (Tesseract), Ruud Jolie and Mark Hosking.