Alhambra 1C HT 3/4

SKU: 1-ALH 1C HT 3/4

The number 1 teaching guitar in a smaller 3/4 size

The nylon string Alhambra 1C is recommended by many music schools and guitar teachers in the Netherlands and Belgium because of its accessible playability.
The acoustic guitar is part of Alhambra's student series. With these guitars, the action of the guitar (the distance between the string and the fretboard) is somewhat lower than with the guitars for the advanced guitarist.

This model is 3/4 the size of a classical guitar and its smaller size makes it ideal for the young beginner guitarist (7-12 years old). Furthermore, the specifications are identical to the regular 1C guitar from Alhambra.

As with all Alhambra guitars, the top is made of solid A+ cedar. Combined with the mahogany body, this gives a defined lively sound that is suitable for multiple styles.

HT in this model stands for Hybrid Terra, a combination of gloss and wood where the pores remain open. An environmentally friendly solution that reduces the footprint of the production process.

It is nice to know that this Spanish guitar was really produced in Spain in a company that has been making guitars for more than 50 years with an eye for the smallest details and attention to sustainability.

In the video below you can see the guitar in the regular size 1C HT variant

Top: Solid Cedar wood
Side and back:
Laminated mahogany
Neck: Laminated Mahogany
Scale length (man hour):
High gloss